News Highlights: Ant 20 billion ABS financing is approved by Shanghai Stock Exchange

News Highlights: Ant 20 billion ABS financing is approved by Shanghai Stock Exchange

News Highlights: Ant 20 billion ABS financing is approved by Shanghai Stock Exchange

Douyin users released Dota2, World of Warcraft game video, and Tencent complained of infringement, Douyin: Tencent had to delete a large-scale complaint

On November 24 news, Douyin officially released an announcement, stating that some users reported that their dota2, World of Warcraft and other game videos released on Douyin were removed from the shelves due to a complaint by Tencent. Douyin said that it has been verified that these Dota2 and World of Warcraft video links are indeed subject to infringement complaints by Tencent. Since 2019, Tencent has proposed that its game screens and game-related elements (including all game elements such as characters, skills, maps, etc.) appearing in videos posted by users shall be copyrighted or exclusively authorized by Tencent.

“Due to the large number of videos complained by Tencent, our staff failed to accurately determine whether the relevant game belongs to Tencent, which caused some unreasonable complaints by Tencent to be erroneously implemented.” Douyin said, Tencent requested through complaints, prosecutions and other means. TikTok removes related videos created by users. We cannot agree with Tencent’s claims, but they must be handled in accordance with the law.

It is understood that Dota2 is an online battle game, developed by the well-known American game company Vavle, and is operated by Perfect World as an agent in China, not a game owned by Tencent.

Public information shows that since 2019, Tencent has initiated more than 20 lawsuits against headline products such as Douyin, Watermelon Video, and Today’s Headlines, claiming that the copyrights of game videos such as “Glory of the King” and “League of Legends” made by players belong to Tencent itself. Relevant videos and live broadcasts are removed from the audio. According to people familiar with the matter, Tencent has sent more than 300 lawyer letters to Douyin regarding game videos.

 Domestic News

 Ant Microloan’s 20 billion ABS financing was approved by the Shanghai Stock Exchange

As an important financing channel, after the suspension of Ant Group’s listing, whether its Huabeiborai related ABS financing project has been approved has attracted much attention from the outside world. On the evening of November 24, the reporter inquired about the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s corporate bond project information platform announcement and found that 20 billion Huabei borrowing related ABS financing projects were approved by the Shanghai Stock Exchange. They were the “Guotai Junan Borrowing Issue 4-12” which was accepted on November 6. The Consumer Loan Asset Backed Special Plan, and the CITIC Securities Huabei Phase One to Ten Credit Payment Asset Backed Special Plan accepted on November 3, both involve a financing amount of 10 billion yuan.

The dates for the passage of the aforementioned two projects are shown as November 20 and November 23, and the original stakeholders involved are Chongqing Ant Shangcheng Small Loan Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Ant Small Micro Loan Co., Ltd. respectively. The registered capital of Chongqing Ant Merchants Small Loan Co., Ltd. is 4 billion yuan, and the registered capital of Chongqing Ant Small and Micro Loan Co., Ltd. is 12 billion, both of which are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Ant Group.

Since the beginning of this year, Huabei and Jibei under the Ant Group have submitted 15 ABS financing plans of up to 125 billion yuan on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Among them, 12 projects totaling 99 billion yuan in financing have been approved for issuance. (Interface News)

 President of Xiaomi: Seeing the news of Huawei and Honor from the media has no influence on Xiaomi’s strategy

At the press conference after the release of Xiaomi Group’s third-quarter 2020 results, some media asked about the impact of Huawei’s sale of Honor on Xiaomi’s future strategy. Xiaomi Group President Wang Xiang responded, “We also saw information about Huawei and Honor from the media. News, no matter what, (on) our strategy has no impact.”

Wang Xiang said that Xiaomi has always insisted on using Xiaomi’s approach to promote products and technologies in the global market. “We have not seen the need to adjust strategies. We will continue to adhere to the current strategy and adhere to the dual-brand strategy. This is from the product and brand perspective. In terms of it, we must adhere to the’mobile phone XAIoT’ strategy.” (surging)

 It is reported that TSMC will begin mass production of 3nm chips in the second half of 2022

According to reports, TSMC’s 3-nanometer chip will begin mass production in the second half of 2022, with monthly output expected to reach 55,000 pieces, and monthly output will reach 105,000 pieces in 2023.

The report quoted TSMC Chairman Liu Deyin as saying that the number of employees in the Tainan Science Park will reach approximately 20,000 when the mass production of 3-nanometer chips begins, and the current number is 15,000.

 Huawei restarts 4G mobile phone production and will be available in the first half of next year as soon as possible

A few days ago, it was reported that Huawei is actively ordering 4G smartphones and related terminal parts from suppliers. Some component manufacturers have been notified that they will resume buying motherboards and other components this month.

On November 24, the reporter asked Huawei’s supply chain to verify the above news. A Huawei supplier, who did not want to be named, said that orders for new 4G mobile phones have begun to stock up. “Currently, small batches of rolling orders are placed, and there is no way to estimate the specific order volume.” The Huawei supplier said that according to the market order shipment rhythm, the finished mobile phone orders at this stage are expected to be available in the first half of next year. Judging from the point of time, the fastest will be in the first quarter.

 Huawei did not respond to the above news. (China Business News)

  Xinyi Technology Debuts at the 2020 Police Expo to Showcase AI+City “Visual Center”

From November 23 to 26, 2020, the 10th China International Police Equipment Expo (“Police Expo”) hosted by the Ministry of Public Security was held at the National Convention Center. At the exhibition, the artificial intelligence service company Xinyi Technology shared the latest technological achievements in the field of video application software to public safety users across the country-Video Governance And Business Empowerment Platform (VGEP), which is Xinyi Technology AI+ City” The core of the “visual hub”, relying on various established image resources, realizes full video aggregation, global rights management, and algorithmic ecological construction, providing the city with the core video viewing and computing capabilities of “seeing, understanding, thinking”, and supporting Business innovation and process reengineering of city commissions and bureaus to improve urban public safety and governance efficiency.

  Kuaishou acquired Yilian Pay and indirectly obtained a payment license

A person familiar with the matter disclosed that Kuaishou will acquire Yilian in the form of cash + stocks. The cash is around RMB 300 million, and the amount and value of the stocks are unknown. After the completion of the acquisition, Kuaishou will hold more than 50% of the shares and become the largest controlling shareholder of Yilian Pay. The person familiar with the matter also revealed that the two parties have completed a commercial merger agreement in the near future, and are debugging the payment interface to let their businesses run first. (Associated Finance Press)

 Waterdrop plans to go public in the United States in the first quarter of next year, with a target valuation of approximately US$6 billion

According to informed sources, Waterdrop plans to go public in the United States in the first quarter of next year, with a target valuation of approximately US$6 billion. A few days ago, according to foreign media reports, Tencent Holdings is investing approximately US$150 million in Water Drop. In August of this year, Waterdrop completed a series D financing of US$230 million jointly led by Swiss Re and Tencent. (Science Innovation Board Daily)

  Rumors that JD Logistics may go public in Hong Kong

On November 24, according to Reuters’ IFR, quoting people familiar with the matter, is preparing to list JD Logistics overseas next year. The business is valued at around US$40 billion, and the location may be Hong Kong, China or the United States. A person familiar with the matter said that the transaction involved the sale of 10% to 20% of the shares at a price of US$4 billion to US$8 billion, and has begun negotiations with potential advisers on the transaction.

Regarding the above news, said it would not comment on Times Finance. (Times Finance)

  international News

  Tesla’s share price soared 6.43% to a new high, and its market value exceeded US$500 billion for the first time

At the close of trading on Tuesday, Tesla’s stock price rose 6.43% to $555.43, and its market value exceeded the $500 billion mark for the first time, reaching $526.4 billion.

Tesla’s stock price has risen by nearly 550% this year, and the gains have accelerated after S&P Dow Jones Indices announced on Monday that it would include Tesla in the S&P 500 index. Tesla’s surge has increased the company’s co-founder Elon Musk’s net worth this year by $100.3 billion, surpassing Bill Gates to become the second richest person in the world.

The rise of Tesla and its inclusion in blue chip stocks is also good news for the industry as a whole. The share prices of companies such as Weilai Automobile, Workhorse Group Inc, Xiaopeng, Ideal Automobile and Ayro Inc. have also rebounded before, and some are at record highs. (Sina Technology)

 India announced the ban on 43 mobile applications, including Alibaba AliExpress

According to a Bloomberg report, the Information Service of India issued a statement stating that the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India issued an order prohibiting access to 43 mobile applications. It is reported that this move was taken because these mobile applications were engaged in “activities that are detrimental to India’s sovereignty and integrity, India’s national defense, national security and public order”.

Mobile applications blocked from access include AliSuppliers, Alibaba Workbench, AliExpress and Alipay Cashier.

In September of this year, India announced the ban on 118 Chinese mobile phone applications. (interface)

  The British government launches a website to warn technology companies that there are risks in accepting Chinese investment

According to Reuters, on the 24th local time, the British government launched a website to warn British digital and technology companies of the ethical, legal and commercial risks of expanding their business to China and accepting Chinese investment.

According to the report, the website launched by the British government, with the slogan “China-see the possible understanding of the challenge”, claims to be aimed at providing guidance to digital and technology companies, encouraging the latter’s good practices, and raising their awareness of potential problems. (World Wide Web)

  Apple M1X chip specifications exposed: 8 large cores and 4 small cores, MacBook Pro 16 prototype has been equipped

According to foreign media TechPowerUp news, the whistleblower brought some information about Apple’s new “M1X” chip, which will be equipped on the MacBook Pro 16. The whistleblower said that the CPU of M1X (model not finalized) has 12 cores, including 8 large cores and 4 small cores. The whistleblower said that the source using the prototype said, “If you think the M1 is fast, you must have never seen the M1X.”

It is understood that Apple’s M1X and 16-inch MacBook Pro are expected to be released in the first quarter of 2021, suitable for users who have high requirements for multi-core performance. (IT House)

  Bitcoin price breaks the $19,000 mark for the first time since 2017

The price of Bitcoin broke the $19,000 mark for the first time since 2017. Bitcoin once rose to a high of 19,103 US dollars in intraday trading, and then its gains have fallen back. At 10:25 local time in London, it rose 2.2% to US$18,817. At present, the price of Bitcoin is approaching the highest level in history. Many people believe that the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrency by traditional investors is the main reason for the sharp increase in its price. (Sina Finance)

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