Cadence releases the cloud version of Clarity 3D Solver, providing a simple, easy-to-use, safe and scalable solution for electromagnetic analysis of complex systems

Cadence releases the cloud version of Clarity 3D Solver, providing a simple, easy-to-use, safe and scalable solution for electromagnetic analysis of complex systems

Shanghai, China, May 31, 2021-Kadence Electronics (Cadence, USA, NASDAQ: CDNS) today announced the launch of Cadence® Clarity™ 3D Solver Cloud, which uses the cloud platform to obtain computing resources. This new method is easy to use and safe It is very cost-effective and can greatly improve the efficiency of 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation. Clarity 3D Solver Cloud uses a secure connection with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to expand the 3D finite element method (FEM) electromagnetic simulation capacity from 32 CPU cores to thousands of cores.

This new hybrid simulation method provides users with multiple ways to use local computing resources or cloud simulation resources for simulation without increasing local or cloud computing budgets. Clarity Cloud cloud simulation can keep the design data on the local computer to keep it in a safe and protected state, and at the same time only send specific encrypted data related to the simulation to the cloud. Clarity 3D Solver Cloud automatically sets up and runs simulations in a private and secure AWS unit, and the number of computing cores accessed is defined by the user. The simulation result will be automatically returned to the local computer, and the temporary data in the AWS unit will be cleared immediately. This ensures the safety of 3D EM simulation data, and these simulation data can only be read on the customer’s local device.

“Cadence accelerates the innovative method of Clarity 3D Solver simulation on AWS, allowing customers to take advantage of high-performance cloud platform resources and accelerate design iteration time.” said David Pellerin, AWS semiconductor Global Industry Business Development Director, “We are very happy to work with Cadence With the Clarity Cloud solution, we will continue to support customers to successfully complete their migration from localization to cloud platforms.”

Driven by “More-than-Moore”, Electronic systems will work at higher clock frequencies and speeds, and the industry’s demand for 3D electromagnetic simulation is also growing rapidly. With the rapid increase in design complexity, more and more high-speed interfaces such as DDR5, 112G, and 5G NR technologies have greatly increased the design difficulty. Clarity 3D Solver Cloud will significantly narrow the gap between simulation efficiency and computing resources.

With Clarity 3D Solver Cloud, customers can now perform electromagnetic simulations of complete complex systems. Cadence’s innovative business model provides customers with all-weather cloud access rights, and can run more and more 3D electromagnetic simulations without purchasing additional local computing resources. With the support of the proven Cadence CloudBurst™ Platform, design engineers can control the number of computing cores used when using Clarity 3D Solver Cloud. During the peak period of simulation operation, if the locally available computing nodes are insufficient, more additional computing nodes are needed. Users can increase the simulation capacity and speed up the simulation speed through flexible business models, or target larger and more complex structures Simulation to obtain simulation results faster. Our goal is to allow customers to reduce the time required for electromagnetic simulation while expanding the scale of electromagnetic design analysis.

“Cadence continues to innovate in system-level analysis solutions, striving to achieve unprecedented speed and accuracy.” Ben Gu, vice president of multiphysics system analysis in Cadence’s custom IC and PCB department, said, “Clarity 3D Solver Cloud is for us Of customers provide a flexible and scalable solution that allows them to implement large, complex, and advanced electromagnetic designs according to their actual needs, without waiting for local computing resources to be available. This hybrid cloud simulation mode can Ensure the local security of design data, and provide Clarity 3D Solver customers with a simple and easy-to-use user experience. Most importantly, users can use advanced AWS cloud computing resources to accelerate electromagnetic simulation and obtain 3D FEM electromagnetic analysis results.”

Customer Reviews

Drew Doblar, Vice President of Engineering at Sanmina:

“Ensuring the correct simulation of the one-time design is a prerequisite for the success of high-speed interconnect systems. The rapid provision of these advanced technologies can help Sanmina provide our technologically leading customers with the most advanced solutions. Clarity 3D Solver provides unparalleled speed and performance, Now, through a brand-new cloud service solution, we can quickly respond to demanding simulation requirements without having to bear the cost of front-end load and the delay cost of computing resource procurement. In addition, we can now use laptops to run large-scale simulations. This flexibility and convenience helps us optimize IT budgets without affecting engineering efficiency.”

Steven Ting, Director of Inventec:

“Inventec insists on innovative, high-quality, effective execution and fully open ideas, so it can always provide customers with high-quality services. Fast and accurate simulation for cloud computing, wireless communication, smart device and IoT application design can ensure that we can Deliver prototype designs that meet expectations in the shortest time. For a long time, Cadence has been our trusted partner, providing simulation solutions closely integrated with our design tools to help us quickly discover and solve design problems. We have always been Run Clarity 3D Solver on local hardware resources, but now with the new Clarity 3D Solver Cloud, we can get almost unlimited computing resources without waiting, so we can optimize the design faster. In this way, by effectively shortening With design turnaround time, we are able to produce more powerful products with fewer design iterations.”

Zhang Yalin, founder and chief operating officer of Suiyuan Technology:

“At Suiyuan Technology, the artificial intelligence chips we deliver to our downstream partners need to rely on reliable hardware systems. We cannot afford the waste of resources caused by multiple redesigns, so we chose Cadence, who can provide us with integrated design and analysis. The integrated solution of capability helps us simplify the system-level design process. Clarity 3D Solver provides unparalleled speed and performance, and the accuracy is extremely high. With Clarity 3D Solver Cloud, we solve the simulation resource bottleneck during the peak demand period and help We have access to almost unlimited computing resources, allowing us to take full advantage of the scalability of Clarity technology to obtain true 3D simulation results. Now we can successfully predict the design cycle and increase the company’s productivity.”


Clarity 3D Solver Cloud technology supports Cadence’s Intelligent System Design™ (Intelligent System Design™) strategy, which aims to facilitate system innovation. Clarity 3D Solver Cloud is available now.

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