Google GMS will resume cooperation with Huawei, but the ecological construction of the Hongmeng system will not stop

Google GMS will resume cooperation with Huawei, but the ecological construction of the Hongmeng system will not stop

According to foreign media reports, Google’s GMS service will soon resume cooperation with Huawei. The previously banned Huawei mate30 will be allowed to install Google applications. As a result, Huawei’s mate30 is expected to resume normal sales in overseas markets. Huawei may therefore postpone the application of the Hongmeng system to mobile phones again, but due to the shock caused by this matter, it may continue to build the ecology of the Hongmeng system.

Huawei no longer wants to be controlled by others

Huawei is already the world’s second largest mobile phone company, and its position in the Android mobile phone market is second only to Samsung. Its annual smartphone shipments have exceeded 200 million units. This shipment scale is comparable to that of Apple. However, Huawei accounts for the global smartphone market. The profit share of the mobile phone market is only about 8%, and Apple’s profit share is as high as 60%.

This result is because the operating system of the Android mobile phone market is owned by Google. Google has made huge profits in the smartphone market. Android mobile phone companies, including Huawei, which lack their own mobile phone operating systems, have become hardware companies. This makes Huawei Quite unwilling. Apple is the only company in the smartphone market that has its own operating system, and Apple’s iOS system is the only operating system in the smartphone market that can compete with the Android system.

With such a size, Huawei naturally does not want to be controlled by Google anymore. It must cultivate its own mobile operating system to avoid this situation again. In fact, as early as a few years ago, Huawei has developed the Hongmeng system. It stated that as long as Google’s Android system remains open, the Hongmeng system will never be listed. However, since this year, Huawei has been repeatedly restricted by Google, showing that Google’s Android The system will not stay open forever.

Apple’s influence in the smartphone market and its huge profits in the smartphone market stimulated Huawei to develop the Hongmeng system. Apple, which has a unique mobile phone operating system, accounts for only 14.5% of the global smartphone market, but its market share in the high-end smartphone market is as high as 51%. The mobile phone market has a strong influence.

Since the beginning of this year, due to the influence of US factors, the cooperation between Google and Huawei has repeatedly encountered obstacles, which has further stimulated Huawei to promote its own Hongmeng operating system, but because the system ecology has not yet been established, it will take time for Huawei to apply the Hongmeng system to mobile phones.

The ecological construction of Hongmeng system will not stop

Since the beginning of this year, Huawei has begun to continue to make efforts to build the Hongmeng system ecosystem. It previously planned to provide 1 billion yuan in subsidies to developers of Hongmeng system applications. Later, due to the restrictions on Huawei mate30 by Google GMS, Huawei further increased the subsidy amount. The increase to 1 billion US dollars shows its determination to build the Hongmeng system ecology.

In order to help application developers develop applications for the Hongmeng system, Huawei released the Ark compiler to help application developers port their apps for Android to the Hongmeng system. After Google GMS stopped serving mate30, Huawei established its own The HMS service is designed to help Huawei mobile phone users solve application problems, which shows that it is making full preparations for the establishment of the ecosystem of the Hongmeng system step by step.

Now that Google GMS is about to resume cooperation with Huawei, Huawei mate30 will be able to carry Google GMS services again, which means that the sales of Huawei mate30 in overseas markets will not be affected anymore, but considering the longer-term future, Huawei should continue to develop The ecology of the Hongmeng system, so as to avoid the dilemma of being crossed by Google this time, of course, Huawei may also suspend the plan to apply the Hongmeng system to Huawei mobile phones in order to show goodwill.

For Huawei, it has established its own industrial chain in hardware, including mobile phone chips, power management chips, CMOS chips, etc., and recently it has even claimed to have produced 5G equipment that does not contain American components. Because the hardware is no longer constrained by the United States, but the mobile operating system is also constrained by Google. According to Huawei’s consistent philosophy of independence, it is inevitable to get rid of the constraints of American companies on the operating system.

Baiming Technology believes that it will take time for Huawei to build an ecosystem for the Hongmeng system, but as long as time can always solve the ecological problems, and once the Hongmeng system can have its own complete ecosystem like Apple iOS, Huawei will form itself from both hardware and software. A complete software and hardware system will have the ability to develop independently in the smart phone market. It should be its ultimate goal and will not be affected by the current attitude of Google.

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