Internet companies start the “genetically modified revolution”: how to play to B?

Internet companies start the “genetically modified revolution”: how to play to B?

The Internet is undergoing a “genetically modified revolution” of business models. In the consumer Internet era, Internet companies have accumulated a large number of ToC genes. However, with the advent of the industrial Internet era, Internet companies have natural defects in the ToB gene.

“This kind of defect is reflected in various aspects such as organization, talents, culture, mechanism, etc., even in ToB’s marketing skills, they are not so easy to do.” A few days ago, Jingdong Mathematics Research Institute senior researcher Gong Jin in an interview with reporters. Said that whether the genetic advantages such as data and operations deposited on the C-side can be successfully transferred to the B-side service is not only related to the success of this revolution, but also determines the future of the second half of the Internet.

“The most important core of the industrial Internet era is digitization, and the data advantages that Internet companies have accumulated in the C-end market are very useful.” Gong Jin said, specifically, Internet companies can first use digital technology to provide services for B-end companies. The online data of C-end customers allows the data to be deposited and helps B-end various industries to achieve digital industrialization and industrial digitization.

Speaking of specific implementation strategies, Gong Jin said that on the one hand, the government or other public platforms can obtain public data that can be used to “portrait” B-side customers, so as to solve the serious information asymmetry problem when providing services for B-side customers; on the other hand; Focusing on some industries, helping B-end customers in the industry perform digital analysis, helping them embed digitalization into the enterprise’s production and operation management, so as to find business opportunities and profit models in improving their digital capabilities, and the final precipitation is their own services The “digital gene” of B-end customers.

In addition, Gong Jin believes that cost reduction and efficiency enhancement is an important way to realize ToB’s “transgenic revolution”. In terms of upstream procurement, small B can be served by establishing or relying on a platform, and centralized procurement can help B-side improve bargaining power and reduce procurement costs. In terms of downstream sales, helping the B-side establish and market its own brand is the focus of Internet companies to empower the B-side. In addition, the B-side also has shortcomings in product selection capabilities and strategies. It is particularly critical to help the B-side establish a product selection strategy and provide product empowerment corresponding to the product selection strategy. A more feasible way is to understand B through the experience of operating C In turn, help Xiao B to do fine operation management.

“In the age of the industrial Internet, how to coordinate with more B-end companies, attract more participants to participate, and form a benign ecosystem serving C-end customers is the end of this revolution.” Gong Jin said that on the one hand, Internet companies first need Improve the B-side individual combat capability and provide them with tool-based capabilities to become a powerful middle platform for the B-side service and the C-side; on the other hand, it is necessary to use the B-side capabilities in the same industry to enrich and improve the Internet companies to provide digital foundations and low-level capabilities. The carrier, thus forming an ecosystem where the B-side and the Internet platform jointly build an infrastructure, and on this basis, jointly serve the C-side users.

“In the final analysis, ToB’s “Genetically Modified Revolution” has transformed the digital genes, refined operations and business models accumulated in the original service C-end customers.” Gong Jin said, “The key to the success of this revolution is not only for Internet companies. To make adaptive adjustments in many aspects such as organization, talents, culture, mechanism, etc., it is more necessary to look at this lane change from the perspective of rebuilding the Internet development ecology, and the process of lane change requires more patience, determination and confidence.”

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