Mike MEK MINI: The smallest console I’ve ever seen

Mike MEK MINI: The smallest console I’ve ever seen

In this article, the editor will introduce a mini gaming console released by Zotac – Mike MEK MINI. What is its specific situation? Let’s take a look.

The compact mini is a major selling point of this gaming console. On the premise of taking into account performance and heat dissipation, the Sotac MEK MINI gaming console has done the greatest compression in the volume of the whole machine. The volume of the whole machine is only 9.18 liters. The weight of the whole machine is only 4.05Kg, which is less than 1/4 of the volume compared with the ordinary PC host, and less than half of the size even compared with the compact ITX case.

In terms of appearance, the Sotac MEK MINI gaming console adopts an exclusive customized chassis. The overall appearance is more beautiful in mechanical technology, with angular cutting design, three-dimensional appearance, and fish gill heat dissipation design on both sides, just like a powerful engine storage. Ready to go, full of power.

Mike MEK MINI: The smallest console I’ve ever seen

The RGB lighting elements add a lot of color to the appearance of the Sotac MEK MINI gaming console. The RGB belief light is located on the front of the chassis. There are two symmetrical diamond-shaped light bars that can flow and change color on both sides. There are only sharp eyes, and in the middle is the LOGO of the ZOTAC GAMING series.

If you think RGB lighting is not cool enough, the latest SPECTRA 2.0 RGB lighting control system allows players to customize personalized RGB belief lights according to their preferences. 16 million colors can be freely adjusted. Personalize!

Don’t look at the Sotac MEK MINI gaming console, which is only 9 liters in size, but its performance is very powerful!

The host is equipped with Intel’s 8th generation 6-core Core i7-8700 CPU, with a maximum turbo frequency of 4.6GHz; the graphics card is equipped with the latest Turing architecture high-performance light-chasing game graphics card Zotac RTX 2070 graphics card, 8GB video memory capacity, GDDR6 high-speed video memory;

In terms of memory, it is equipped with two 8GB DDR4 2666MHz memory modules, which can be expanded up to 32GB; in order to meet the needs of gamers for storage capacity and reading speed, a 240GB NVMe M.2 speed SSD and a 2TB high-capacity mechanical Hard disk, 3A masterpiece can be installed at will.

The hardware configuration of the whole machine is luxurious, even compared with desktop gaming computers, and it is much stronger than high-end gaming notebooks. The game performance brought by the combination of RTX 2070 graphics card and I7-8700 is sufficient. You can play all kinds of stand-alone game masterpieces, enjoy the excitement of high-frame play at 2K resolution, and experience the new Turing graphics technology such as “real-time ray tracing” and “DLSS”.

The heat dissipation of the mini host is a big problem, especially the Zotac MEK MINI gaming host that integrates so many high-end hardware. Zotac has made great efforts in terms of heat dissipation, and cleverly integrated the heat dissipation ports of the chassis on 6 planes.

The most obvious is the top and two sides of the main unit. The top is almost a hollow cooling vent, while the two sides are fish gill-style air vents. The front cooling vents are located on both sides of the RGB light bar, and the bottom of the main unit also has mesh cooling vents. , When the host is running, the outside cold air enters from the side, bottom and front air vents respectively, and the heat is discharged from the top and the back of the chassis through the rotation of the chassis fan, forming an efficient chassis cooling air duct, keeping the chassis in a cool state, which is a perfect solution to the problem. Mini console cooling problem.

The host has rich expansion interfaces. Next to the power button on the top, there is an SD card slot, a UBS3.0 interface, a USB 3.0 Type-C interface and a headphone microphone interface, which is convenient for players to transmit data and external headphones.

On the back of the host, it is equipped with 4 USB 3.1 ports, equipped with a high-performance Killer Gigabit network card, and provides two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two 802.11ac WIFI antenna connection ports, and also has Bluetooth 5.0 functions.

In terms of video output interfaces, the equipped RTX 2070 graphics card provides a total of 2 DP1.4 interfaces, an HDMI 2.0 interface, a DVI interface and a USB type-C interface, which supports multiple screens, a larger viewing angle, and smooth games.

Overall, the Sotac MEK MINI gaming console is a high-performance portable mini game console suitable for most players. It has a stylish appearance and has RGB belief light elements; the body size is only 9 liters, the weight is 4.05Kg, it is small and small, and it does not occupy The location is more convenient for handling; aside from the appearance and size, as a high-performance gaming console, the hardware configuration of Sotac MEK MINI is luxurious, meeting the needs of playing almost all games; rich expansion interfaces, and convenient The wireless interconnection blessing makes the host more flexible to use, and you can enjoy the game between the square inches!

The above is the introduction of Sotac MEK MINI brought by this editor. If you like this gaming console, you may wish to learn more about it by google.

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