The person who is called Diaosi has to resign from Xiaomi’s executives. What happened?

The person who is called Diaosi has to resign from Xiaomi’s executives. What happened?

For Xiaomi mobile phones, the foundation of their foothold in the past 10 years is cost-effectiveness. There has always been a saying on the Internet that Xiaomi has lowered the overall price level of domestic mobile phones. Although Xiaomi mobile phones sell a lot every year, its revenue is comparable to that of Apple. There is still a big gap between the leading manufacturers. One of the important reasons is that the sales of high-end mobile phones are not high. The annual sales of tens of millions of units are basically supported by thousands of yuan phones, but fortunately, starting from Xiaomi Mi 10, the sales of high-end mobile phones There has been considerable growth.

However, the impression that has been in the minds of users over the years is still difficult to eliminate in a short period of time. For example, many people on the Internet refer to the users of the thousand yuan phone as “diaosi”, which is intended to ridicule these people who can’t afford high-priced mobile phones. It’s actually harmless to joke about it, but if this is said from a certain Xiaomi executive, the meaning will be completely different.

The person who is called Diaosi has to resign from Xiaomi’s executives. What happened?

Recently, at a conference forum in China, Xiaomi executive Wang Mei made a surprising statement, saying that those who are diaosi won the world. Although he did not specifically refer to Xiaomi mobile phone users, in an important public occasion, he said this from such a Xiaomi executive. It is obviously very inappropriate. Many Xiaomi mobile phone users feel that they have purchased Xiaomi products, and they have to be ridiculed like this, which is particularly uncomfortable.

As soon as this statement came out, netizens believed that Wang Mei should apologize for his wrong remarks.

But I didn’t expect the official results of Xiaomi’s handling to come so quickly. Just today, Xiaomi officially issued a statement saying that Wang Mei’s remarks do not represent the official position of Xiaomi, and that he has assumed corresponding responsibility for his erroneous remarks and has taken the initiative to propose The resignation application has been approved by Xiaomi.

The person who is called Diaosi has to resign from Xiaomi’s executives. What happened?

In fact, I personally think that Wang Mei’s speech should not be too subjective and malicious. His original intention should be to gain the support of a large number of middle and low-end users, so that he can gain a better foothold in the market, but his speech is too rash, and I didn’t take into account what the word “diaosi” means in the minds of young people, and the word has been identified as a vulgar language on the Internet by the Ministry of Education in 2015, and it is indeed not suitable to say it in public.

As netizens said, everyone had already recognized Xiaomi’s efforts in the field of high-end mobile phones, but this remark brought Xiaomi’s impression in everyone’s mind back to its original point.

In response to this matter, Lei Jun may be the most angry. Just after saying that Xiaomi wants to be high-end, the people under his command made these remarks, which really seems a bit too embarrassing.

Of course, as a rice noodle, after a long time, I don’t really take this matter to heart, but Wang Mei’s resignation due to wrong remarks warned us that we can eat rice indiscriminately, but we must not talk nonsense, otherwise the consequences will be really impossible. expected.

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