Empower breaks through density and speed benchmarks with high-performance integrated voltage regulator product line

Empower breaks through density and speed benchmarks with high-performance integrated voltage regulator product line

Milpitas, California, USA, June 24, 2020 — Empower semiconductor, a global leader in integrated voltage regulators (IVR), today announced the launch of EP70xx, a series of leading power management ICs. It can rely on the single largest point-of-load power performance breakthrough in more than ten years, and can save a lot of energy for data centers.

With the help of this revolutionary product platform EP70xx, Empower has been able to achieve full integration of three-output DC/DC power supplies in a single 5mm x 5mm miniature package without any external components, thereby increasing the current density by 10 times. The transient accuracy has been improved by 3 times, and the dynamic voltage scaling is 1000 times ahead of the main competitors.

Tim Phillips, CEO and founder of Empower Semiconductor, said: “Customers are excited about our game-changing technology and its impact on systems and digital ICs. The perfect combination of density, speed, and efficiency enables designers to achieve groundbreaking Way to use our products to achieve breakthrough system performance.”

Empower breaks through density and speed benchmarks with high-performance integrated voltage regulator product line

Empower Semiconductor’s patented digitally configurable hardware platform enables designers to simplify the adoption of DC/DC converters. With a single integrated product, no external components, loose programmability, wide current and output configuration, power supply designers can apply EP70xx on almost all designs and platforms. Since multiple complete power supplies are integrated in a single IC package, common problems such as component changes and procurement, synchronization and stability can be eliminated or significantly reduced.

Trey Roessig, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Engineering at Empower Semiconductor, explained: “Empower Semiconductor’s vision is not only to provide breakthrough performance and density, but also to make the design process easier and more confident. We can easily Assemble the EP70xx on the PCB without other discrete components. Use the provided graphical user interface (GUI) to select settings, and then load the device through the I3C / I2C port. Just like you have three outputs with regulated voltage and high current, They can be adjusted with large bandwidth and high efficiency. EP70xx does not require input and output filter design, no feedback resistors, no loop compensation design, and no component changes are involved.”

Thanks to the unique architecture of the EP70xx series, its peak efficiency is as high as 91%, and the efficiency curve is almost flat in the output current range of up to 10A. Compared with competing products, the dynamic voltage scaling of these devices is increased by 1000 times, which enables fast and lossless processor state changes, which can save 30% or more of processor power.

The EP70xx series is launched on the market with eight initial products: four products have three outputs, two have two outputs, and two have single outputs. The output current can be 1-10A, and it is packaged in a 5x5mm or 4x4mm package with a height of 0.75mm, which is 3 to 5 times thinner than traditional integrated power modules and inductors. These products have reached a very high density and simplicity, so that they can be provided in bumped die (bumped die) form, can be packaged with digital IC, so as to fully integrate power management into the SoC.

Samples, demo boards and reference designs of the EP70xx series with an input voltage range of 2.5 to 16V are available to qualified customers immediately, and mass production is planned for the fourth quarter of 2020.

About Empower Semiconductor

Empower Semiconductor’s initial vision was to solve the fundamental problem of power delivery in data-intensive applications. Traditional power solutions require dozens of discrete components, occupy a large space, have complex designs, low power transmission efficiency, poor response time, and low accuracy. Empower’s patented IVR technology can integrate multiple components into a single IC, thereby improving efficiency, reducing the footprint by 10 times, and achieving unprecedented simplicity, high speed and accuracy when transmitting power, and does not require Discrete components. This IVR technology is being widely used through mobile, 5G, artificial intelligence, and data centers to meet market demand of approximately US$6 billion. Empower Semiconductor is located in Milpitas, California, and has a leadership team composed of experienced power experts and executives.

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