Ultra-compact conduction-cooled 75W AC-DC power module, suitable for challenging and space-critical applications

Ultra-compact conduction-cooled 75W AC-DC power module, suitable for challenging and space-critical applications

April 8, 2021-XP Power announced the launch of a new low-profile, half-brick structure, substrate-cooled AC-DC power supply, which can operate without external circuits or comply with EMC standards. This new ASB75 series module provides an ultra-compact, fanless substrate cooling type, suitable for information technology equipment (ITE), Internet of Things (IoT), general industrial and harsh or rugged applications.

This AC-DC power supply provides up to 75W of power from a universal (90-264VAC) input, and is equipped with an integrated AC fuse, EMC filter, and hold capacitor to simplify integration and reduce space.

The ASB75 series has a substrate cooling function, so it can use passive cold wall cooling in a sealed metal enclosure to transfer heat to the outside of the device. The heat sink can also be pre-installed or provided separately to allow the designer to use traditional convection or forced air cooling in the preferred situation.

This series has five models to choose from, providing a single output voltage of 12.0V, 15.0V, 24.0V, 36.0V or 48.0V. An efficiency level of up to 90% minimizes unnecessary heat generation and achieves 20W/ in an industry standard half-brick package measuring only 2.28 inches x 2.40 inches x 0.67 inches (57.9 mm x 61.0 mm x 17.0 mm) Excellent power density of in³.

The no-load current consumption power of the ASB75 series is less than 150mW, which greatly reduces the backup power requirements of the terminal equipment and enables it to meet the challenging modern efficiency standards.

The electromagnetic compatibility of the product complies with safety standards, and can meet EN55032 Class B conduction and radiation standards without external components, and provides immunity to meet EN61000-4 standards. Safety regulations comply with UL/EN/IEC62368-1 standards.

This sturdy enclosed product has built-in overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage and output short-circuit protection to protect the equipment and any loads it supplies.

The substrate operating temperature range of ASB75 products is -40°C to +85°C, suitable for various application environments, and the full package improves reliability in harsh environments and applications that require rugged equipment.

The ASB75 series are available from stock, and the product warranty period is 3 years.

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