STMicroelectronics cooperates with Audi to develop and provide next-generation automotive exterior lighting solutions

STMicroelectronics cooperates with Audi to develop and provide next-generation automotive exterior lighting solutions

The next generation of car lighting design will increase the degree of customization and animation effects of lighting patterns by controlling hundreds of OLED lamp beads

·The next generation of car light technology will bring a unique design style to Audi cars and provide customers with safety added value

China, October 30, 2019-STMicroelectronics (ST; New York Stock Exchange code: STM), the world’s leading semiconductor supplier spanning multiple Electronic applications Audi AG (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: NSU) collaborates to define, design, transform, manufacture and deliver the next generation of innovative OLED automotive exterior lighting solutions. Audi’s next-generation digital OLED technology showcased at the 2019 International Automotive Lighting Symposium (ISAL) is the first exposure of Audi’s OLED technology cooperation with STMicroelectronics. Both parties plan to introduce this new technology in Audi’s future models.

STMicroelectronics has joined the Audi Advanced Semiconductor Program (PSCP) in 2012. The original intention of reaching this long-term strategic partnership is to reduce car CO2 emissions, enhance driving safety, and improve the infotainment experience and driving comfort.

This cooperation expands the relationship between the two parties, based on Audi’s creativity and market success in automotive lighting solutions, and STMicroelectronics’ extensive automotive semiconductor expertise, especially automotive lighting controller and driver technology. The next generation of lighting design will improve the degree of customization and animation effects of car light patterns by controlling and diagnosing hundreds of OLED lamp beads. The design flexibility of the new scheme allows Audi cars to have a unique style of lights, while the animation patterns will also provide customers with added value for safety.

STMicroelectronics provided a fully functional plug-and-play lighting drive system for the exhibits that Audi demonstrated at the recent ISAL seminar. Through STMicroelectronics’ innovative high-speed automotive communication layer specially optimized for lighting architecture embedded in the actuator IC, the system can control and continuously adjust the brightness of multiple individually powered OLED pixels.

Klaus Büttner, Executive Vice President of CarIT Electrical/Electronics Division of Audi Motor Company, said: “Audi has a long history of innovation and success in the high-end automotive market. Ideas become robust and reliable chips that meet the extremely high expectations of customers, which is very important to us.”

Marco Monti, President of ST’s Automotive and Discrete Products Division, said: “We have been working closely with Audi for many years. We understand Audi’s high requirements for quality and creativity. This also gives us the opportunity to use our expertise, customer-centricity and manufacturing reliability. The promise is applied to Audi car parts with excellent performance. Thank you Audi for its long-term trust in us and recognition of our contributions. This new cooperation project reflects Audi’s trust and recognition of us.”

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