Zuckerberg: Facebook officially changed its name to “Meta” and will transform into a “Meta Universe Company”!

Zuckerberg: Facebook officially changed its name to “Meta” and will transform into a “Meta Universe Company”!

It is no secret that Facebook is interested in Metaverse. CEO Zuckerberg has expressed his optimism and yearning for Metaverse on multiple occasions and claimed that Facebook will transform into a “metauniverse company.”

Now, Facebook has taken another big step in its transformation. On October 29th, Facebook announced that the company will officially change its name to “Meta”. The new name comes from the English word metaverse—Metaverse. Some netizens also said with a smile that after the name change, Facebook didn’t even need the “face”.

After this round of reorganization, Facebook will become one of the subsidiaries at the same level as Instagram and WhatsApp, rather than as an overall brand.

Zuckerberg will still serve as Meta’s CEO. He said that the company is shifting from “Facebook first” to “Meta universe first.” In the past, when people mentioned Facebook, they thought it was a social media company, but Zuckerberg obviously had a different view. He thought: “But in our DNA, we are a company that builds technology to connect people. “

It is understood that Meta will introduce a unified account system to cover the company’s various social media and VR headsets and other hardware devices, which also reflects Zuckerberg’s determination to completely integrate its products into a “universe”. Zuckerberg said: “We hope that in the next ten years, 1 billion people will be able to access Metaverse, become a digital industry carrying hundreds of billions of dollars, and provide employment opportunities for millions of creators and developers.”

However, not everyone is optimistic about this reorganization. Some people in the industry have said that Facebook avoids discussing obvious issues such as privacy, false information, and incitement to hatred, which cannot be covered up by a name change. And the American media bluntly said: “Who do they think they are fooling?”

From this perspective, the “shameless” name change this time is in line with the image of this company in the eyes of many people.

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