Nine chapters Yunji DataCanvas brings two major open source products to open up China’s open source road

Embrace open source ecology to empower digital transformation The open source industry has achieved world-renowned achievements in China in recent ...

Zuckerberg: Facebook officially changed its name to “Meta” and will transform into a “Meta Universe Company”!

It is no secret that Facebook is interested in Metaverse. CEO Zuckerberg has expressed his optimism and yearning for Metaverse on multiple occasions and ...

Use millimeter wave sensors to detect passengers in mobile vehicles

“Automotive designers have successfully integrated millimeter wave (mmWave) sensors into multiple automotive ...

An article to understand the surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology sensor

“Surface acoustic wave technology is an emerging science and technology developed in the late 1960s. It is a ...

STMicroelectronics cooperates with Audi to develop and provide next-generation automotive exterior lighting solutions

The next generation of car lighting design will increase the degree of customization and animation effects of lighting patterns by controlling hundreds ...

Panasonic PAN1740A BLE module is available for sale at Mouser to support voice commands and motion recognition

September 9, 2020-Focusing on the introduction of new products and providing a massive inventory of Electronic components distributor Mouser Electronics ...

How should the dielectric constant of PCB circuit board materials be measured at millimeter wave frequencies?

“The dielectric constant (Dk) or relative dielectric constant of the PCB circuit board material is not a ...

The authorization of the Windows operating system can continue to be carried out on Huawei

Although it has not yet been confirmed by Huawei, the available media reports show that at present, Intel, AMD, Samsung Display, Sony, Skyworks, ...

The Renesas RE product family is used as the main controller in G-SHOCK watches with heart rate monitoring and GPS functions

Tokyo, Japan, March 18, 2020-Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), the world’s leading semiconductor solutions provider, today announced ...

Ultra-compact conduction-cooled 75W AC-DC power module, suitable for challenging and space-critical applications

April 8, 2021-XP Power announced the launch of a new low-profile, half-brick structure, substrate-cooled AC-DC power supply, which can operate without ...

Empower breaks through density and speed benchmarks with high-performance integrated voltage regulator product line

Milpitas, California, USA, June 24, 2020 — Empower semiconductor, a global leader in integrated voltage regulators (IVR), today announced the launch of ...

Can the neuromorphic processor architecture set off a new wave?

“According to technical experts, it was Carver Mead who coined the term “Moore’s Law” ten ...

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